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miercuri, 13 mai 2009

Notice for people speaking English

Due to the fact that more and more speakers of English, visit my blog frequently, I decided to make a surprise.

Starting today, I will dedicate a special post, in English, which will present in English language, books, audio books and documentaries.

I will let every book or movie links for download, I will not post for reasons easy to understand, that is copyrighted, books or films in English, only the links.

Also, links do not belong to me,  therefore I cannot be made responsible for them, I just found them on the Internet and provide them,  those who are interested.

I am not responsible for the materials downloading from this blog. The blog does not contain materials contrary to the law of copyright, only I provide the links they can be found on the internet, therefore remains at each assessment, the exercise of freedom of choice.


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