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joi, 4 iunie 2009

David Bruce Hughes - 2012: Matrix Singularity Part 9 - Care of the Soul.

Since returning to the US, David published several books on traditional Vedic philosophy: Sri Visnusahasranama and Sri Nrsimhasahasranama. He also wrote and published original works such as Here Be Wisdom: 108 Aphorisms on Advanced Topics in Spiritual Life, and Search for the Absolute Truth. He issued several solo CDs of Vedic music and chanting: Kalachandji, Vipralambha, RagaJazz, Hare Kṛṣṇa Kirtan and companion CDs to Sri Visnusahasranama and Sri Nrsimhasahasranama. He also created, an international Internet gallery of conscious art.

David's publishing company, Harinam Arts Press, publishes and distributes his CDs online through You can hear selections of his music on this site. David is working on several upcoming book and video projects. He currently lives in a rural retreat center near Lake Catemaco in Veracruz, Mexico with his close disciples.

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