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joi, 11 iunie 2009

Harun Yahya – Behind the Scene Of Terrorism

The unknown connections
among Mossad, CIA, Freemasonry, Gladio, the mafia, and terrorist organizations.

Dark relationships in a dark world: Mafia, Gladio, secret services, terrorist organizations, arms merchants, and terrorists of various ideologies operating jointly...

The world of terrorism is extremely tangled and obscure. The most unexpected relations can be established between the most unlikely groups. The most extraordinary links can be set up between information services and terrorist groups, or between seemingly antagonistic terrorist groups.

This book exposes these murky and surprising ties. It demonstrates how the powers purportedly combating terrorism nourish terror when their own interests are at stake.

If you want to learn the truth about the dark world of terrorism, read this book.

Secret relations of the Israeli and American secret services with terrorist organizations and terrorist regimes... The hidden connections among terrorist organizations, the Mafia, Mason Lodges, and Gladio organizations... The untold story of the P2 scandal in Italy... The Empire of Corruption in the Vatican... The story of Pope John Paul I, who was murdered because of his stand against the Vatican Mafia... The truth behind Pope John Paul II and the Kennedy assassinations... "Islamic terrorist" actions committed by the CIA... Red brigades, ETA, RAF, Black September, and others... Interesting facts about the "anti-Semitic terror" committed against Jewish communities in all corners of the world... The "homosexuality-originated" culture of violence of the Nazi Party... Homosexual Nazi officers and the "pink swastika".. Covert interest relationships between Communist terrorism and Capitalist powers... Media propaganda and false news disseminated at the behest of secret information services.


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