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vineri, 12 iunie 2009

Harun Yahya – The New Masonic Order.

The real truth of the world's five-hundred-year
history and the secret leaders of the world order.

You've never read such a book before. Because such a book has never been written.

In this book, many diverse subjects that seem historically unconnected to one another are examined in sequence. "Seem" because the thesis that is advanced?and proven?in this book holds that there are deep and covert connections between historical events that go unrecognized when such events are viewed superficially. The New Masonic Order examines the complex skein of these connections and exposes a secret dynamic within world history that stretches from the end of the Middle Ages to our own day, clearly demonstrating that the Secular World Order was established by "certain people" and is still administered by them.

The truth behind Christopher Columbus' voyage of discovery... The secret objectives of the founders of the USA who colonized North America... The real origins of Freemasonry: Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, Rosicrucians and Cabalists... The unknown history of the war fought by Freemasonry against religion in Europe... The dark side of the French Revolution... The occult origins of Nazism and the Masonic leaders of the Nazi Party... The power centers governing the USA: An analysis of the powers behind the lobbies, CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group... The story of the influence of Israel over the USA and the Jewish lobby in Washington... The power of extreme rightists in Israel and the relation of Rabin's assassination with the "deep state"... The secret relationships between Israel and Third World fascists... Clandestine relationships between Israel and anti-Islamic powers in different parts of the world...

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