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joi, 25 iunie 2009

The Holographic Universe – Leonard Susskind & James Lindesay.

"We are addicted to our beliefs and we do act like addicts when someone tries to wrest from us the powerful opium of our dogmas.

And since western science has devoted several centuries to not believing in the paranormal, it is not going to surrender its addiction lightly"

Michael Talbot writes with such flair and passion, this book has one of the best introductions you are ever likely to read and you actually get excited at the prospect of turning the pages before the adventure as it were has even begun.

The 'adventure' unfolds in two parts, 1 part 55 pages long devoted to the holographic model 1st put together by David Bohm and, It does include science and to those of us uninitiated with scientific realms, do not fret the basic gist of what the Holographic Universe is about can be grasped because Michael has done his best to simplify the terminology and I personally do not think he could have done any better explaining the concepts."


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