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miercuri, 5 august 2009

[AudioBook] Lao Tsu - Tao Te Ching


Lao Tsu, Jacob Needleman, “Tao Te Ching (Audiobook)”
Audio Literature | 1988 | ISBN: 0944993249 | 2 Hours | mp3 | 51,4 MB

The Tao Te Ching or The Way and its Characteristics is the primary text in Chinese religious history. Written by Lao Tzu roughly 600 years before the birth of Christ, the Tao endevours to articulate the core beliefs that underpin both Taoism and Chinese Buddhism.

Second only to the Bible in its number of translations, the Tao's influence is hard to understate. A version of the text can be found in some form on every major continent and it has had a major mark particularly in the west. Though relatively short, this tome has inspired poets, artists, politicians and religious leaders alike with its direct language, practical advice and lyrical beauty. is excited to present this priceless wisdom for you on audio.

Tao Te Ching



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