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miercuri, 30 septembrie 2009

Michael Serres - Angels: A Modern Myth


Angels: A Modern Myth Summary:

Michael Serres | Flammarion | Pages: 302 | 1995-10-03 | ISBN : 2080135716 | PDF | 26.5 MB

There are a small number of books in my posession that will always have a special place in my heart. Books that I have stumbled across almost by accident, books that have practically lept off the bookshelf demanding to be read.

Angels: A Modern Myth, is one such book. The author Michel Serres has created a beautiful work that contains a myriad of subtle revelations that will appeal to both those with a scientific mind and those who's thinking is naturally more artisitc. Indeed the book seems to marry these all too often seperated thinking systems. Using angels as metaphor for communication, Serres takes us on a nonlinear journey through space and time in the form of a conversation between two friends.

Reading and re-reading will offer insights to all that take the time to discover them. Be prepared for a journey at once strange and unkown and yet somehow familiar. Angels: A Modern Myth, a beautiful gift to yourself or to those that you care about. The worst fate this book will receive is to become a favourite of the coffee table; where it shall patiently sit until someone with fortune lifts it into their lap. And so shall begin a journey that has already begun and that shall continue to reverbarate throughout their conciousness, long after the last page has turned.



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