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sâmbătă, 26 septembrie 2009

Persons, Souls and Death: A Philosophical Investigation of an Afterlife


David H. Lund, “Persons, Souls and Death: A Philosophical Investigation of an Afterlife”
McFarland | 2009-01-29 | ISBN: 0786434872 | 244 pages | PDF

Product Description:

Awareness of mortality is the price of intelligent consciousness. This book argues that a person is essentially an immaterial subject of conscious states who, though intimately linked by causal ties to the body, is nevertheless distinct from it.

The book also examines apparently paranormal occurrences supporting the belief that some persons have survived bodily death. Cases of near-death experiences, apparitions, reincarnation experiences and mediumship phenomena are presented and discussed.

Though it might seem contrary to natural law for a person to exist apart from a body and properly functioning brain, these cases suggest otherwise. Critical evaluation of alternative interpretations is provided.



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