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luni, 21 decembrie 2009

Alexandra David-Neel - Magic and Mystery in Tibet

Alexandra David-Neel "Magic and Mystery in Tibet"

David-Neel illustrates the point that there is much more to life than is found on the surface. Readers are initiated into powerful meditations, breathing exercises, the control of body heat, visions, shamanic magic and past life recollection.

David-Neel's trailblazing travels were driven by curiosity and deep-seated Buddhist spirituality... Her writings blend descriptions of extraordinary psychic exercises and Bon sorcery... with accounts of the wonders and rigours of early 20th-century travel in remote regions.

A fascinating account of the spiritual training of Tibetan monks and mystics… an intriguing book… A true travel classic that will enchant thinkers and adventurers alike.

One of the most remarkable and influential female travellers of all time, delves into the mysterious world of Tibetan Buddhism… Her lucid prose and insightful observations will captivate readers throughout, opening the door to a different kind of reality.



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