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luni, 8 martie 2010

[DOC] Sacred Living Geometry - Enlightened Environmental Theories of Viktor Schauberger

Al treilea documentar din seria despre teoriile lui Viktor Schauberger.

The research of Callum Coats takes us on a journey through the life and inventions of Austrian ecologist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). Now, for the first time, you can view the evidence in this detailed, three-hour illustrated lecture presentation on this two video set. Viktor Schauberger was a genius whose ideas were far ahead of his time. He worked as a "forest-master" in the Austrian Alps when they were still a true wilderness. 

This experience was to influence his entire life's work. Schauberger prophesied the environmental crises we are seeing today, predicting that unless we start to cherish rather than exploit our world, we would surely destroy ourselves. 

He demonstrated how deforestation would deplete the world of water, causing deserts and climatic chaos. Asked about our technology, "How else should it be done?" His answer was "exactly in the opposite way that it is done today!" His maxim: "Comprehend and Copy Nature!" From his precise observations of the processes of Nature, Schauberger pioneered a completely new understanding of the nature of water as the most important life-giving and energy-empowered substance on the planet. 

This led him to develop a radical new science which flew in the face of conventional scientific thinking but which, today, is being increasingly recognized for its highly-relevant implications for civilization. Viktor Schauberger might have made a career as a brilliant inventor. Forced, for a time, to develop radical new forms of propulsion for the Third Reich , he went on to work on devices utilizing the principles of implosion -- hundreds of times more powerful than conventional power sources. 

Even in the weeks just before his death, US government and commercial interests were exerting pressure on him to reveal his secrets. Schauberger's deep insights in the special properties of water and nature hold immense implications for future technology and ecology.



Mi-ar placea si mie sa fie totul in romana, dar pentru asta e nevoie de traducatori. Blogul este unul universal, nu doar pentru romani, sunt in jur de 200 de vizitatori unici/zi, din care in jur de 80 sunt straini. Am specificat ca documentarele vor fi doar in limba engleza, asta e si o provocare pentru cei care vor sa traduca in romana. Nu am alta alternativa, deoarece nu cunosc limba engleza intr-atat incat sa pot realiza traduceri. Imi cer scuze fata de vizitatorii romani, sper sa nu se supere prea tare. Evident, blogul e in principal in limba romana si se adreseaza in special romanilor, dar de ce as neglija persoanele care inteleg limba engleza? Ganditi-va si la acest aspect.

sunt foarte multe documentare si in limba romana. majoritatea celor prezentate aici au si traduceri.

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