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vineri, 27 noiembrie 2020

Smoke and Mirrors by Robert Trif


"Like the blind we grope along the wall, feeling our way like people without eyes. At midday we stumble as if it were twilight; among the strong, we are like the dead."

Smoke and Mirrors

Neither religious nor spiritual, I'm not a number or a simple face
Kneaded by a crazy creator, a lifeless lump of clay with no conscience.
NO, I am much more and no one will be able to encompass my limits with their mind.
Because I have no limitations, the Universe entire sits within my Soul
And I'm not talking of the material universe, nor of the hologram created by demented minds
Of soulless fugitive travellers through space and time.
Another Universe exists, the Real one, Immaterial, original, from whose light and vibration I was modelled.
I am the perfect trinity, Mind-Spirit-Soul, uncreated energy manifested beyond comprehension
I am my own God, the Other being the unmanifested God before time and space,
Before the incarnated Word, the Cosmic Christ conceived by Love together with all creation.
The virtual Matrix was created as an image in the Mirror of Reality, but remains only an image without essence
No science of the infinite worlds can create the Soul, all their attempts have no chance of success
The Soul is immortal, eternal, it cannot be destroyed, lost or stolen
The blood on Golgotha paid the price without asking for anything in return, the rest are mere stories
Invented to deceive and scare you, they want to hold you in fear captive to an illusory world of Smoke.
We are not weak as they want to make you to believe, they feed on our energy
They hold us captive to ignorance and want to hide our true essence
The Truth is this, I am You, and together we are the Energy, Pure Soul of Love.
The material world is only the spider web separating us from the divine Light
Our life is nothing but a Game of God, but we are the creators
And what is staging the whole cosmic adventure is not an arbitrary or determined destiny from above
But a destiny assumed by each of us, the matrix of illusion can be destroyed when we are aware
Of our inner power, the Soul is the key to our liberation.
We will be free when we will have come to understand that we are the creators of our own universe,
Through the simple power of our thoughts and minds freed from fears and prejudices.
We will no longer be alone when we will have learned to say We
Instead of that solitary I, selfish and too full of the emptiness of individuality.

Robert Trif - from the volume "Merkabah"

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