"Doar un luptător poate rezista pe drumul cunoașterii, căci arta lui constă în a găsi un echilibru între spaima de a fi om și minunea de a fi om." - Carlos Castaneda

Encounter with the Self by Robert Trif


Encounter with the Self

Not everyone is born a slave, on their knees, and brags about being an enslaved to a master

We are not all the same, try to understand

Stop judging what you can't grasp with your narrow mind,

Our holy loam gave birth to many wonderful spirits, but you killed them with zeal, forcing them to follow the path of the simple.

I have treated you with indulgence, I have forgiven your incompetence, but now it is enough

You have tormented the spirit enough by stripping it of its essence.

You are not even worthy to untie the sandals of the UnTeacher

Paraphrasing Nietzsche, the quintessential madman.

But this kind of madness is characteristic to the authentic spirit

Left to lie incomprehensible inside the matter, yet surrounded by self-knowledge.

I struggle between life and death not knowing where to go, because

the burning bush in my heart flashes with lightning trying to pierce my chest, like the Prometheus torn by pain.

Evil people, why did you kill the big and imposing Eagle? Didn't you know that he doesn't need your golden cage, nor your help, nor the best food and the luxury of the cage?

He wants to be free, let him at least once feel the breath of the heights, to breathe the cold mountain air, to feel the air breeze scrutinise the sway of the wings.

I do not want to go your way, it is alien to me, let me die at least with the illusion of freedom, at least knowing that I wanted what others did not even dare to imagine

If you can't dream my dream, at least don't get in the way, don't judge what you don't understand

I just want to fly like a peregrine falcon to the Absolute.

Do not kill the dreamers, protect them, for only they can show you the way, they are your high hope to Heaven

If it weren't for them, you would never have known that flight is possible

I am the one who knows, the one who sees beyond the shadows, I am the light.

Why did you lock away the light? The darkness in your sleeping souls hide your way

Look for the child inside you, he is the one who can awaken you from numbness

Let the light ignite and burn like a torch.

Come to me, you lost ones, and I will show you the Way

But don't expect to receive anything, The path is as a blank sheet of paper

With no words, no letters, no signs

It's what you have to write down, with your blood

Look no further with your mind in books already written by others

Those are foreign to you and do not belong to you

Christ set you free through His death

Follow the path of Love, for there is no other path ...

Robert Trif from the volume "Merkabah"

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