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joi, 27 august 2009

[AudioBook] Carlos Castaneda – A Separate Reality


Carlos Castaneda / A Separate Reality (Audiobook)
Audio Literature | ISBN: 0671732498 | 10 Hours | 2001 | 128 kbps | MP3 | 142MB

In this book, Castaneda resumes his apprenticeship, determined to go deeper still into don Juan’s world, to learn to see beyond the surface realities of life. He continues his dialogue with don Juan, intuitive, wise, demanding, and fierce in his struggle to see and know beyond the vision of ordinary men; and himself, a man of courage and intelligence who submits himself to don Juan’s teaching, to enter into another world as a participant rather than an observer.

A Separate Reality is a work that is at once the discovery of a hitherto unrecorded body of wisdom and knowledge and the story of a remarkable and shattering personal experience.

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Castaneda - A separate Reality - part.1

Castaneda - A separate Reality - part.2


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