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miercuri, 19 august 2009

[AudioBook] Leonard Susskind – The Black Hole Wars.

The Black Hole War

What happens when something is sucked into a black hole? Does it disappear? Three decades ago, a young physicist named Stephen Hawking claimed it did-and in doing so put at risk everything we know about physics and the fundamental laws of the universe. Most scientists didn't recognize the import of Hawking's claims, but Leonard Susskind and Gerard t'Hooft realized the threat, and responded with a counterattack that changed the course of physics.

THE BLACK HOLE WAR is the thrilling story of their united effort to reconcile Hawking's revolutionary theories of black holes with their own sense of reality-effort that would eventually result in Hawking admitting he was wrong, paying up, and Susskind and t'Hooft realizing that our world is a hologram projected from the outer boundaries of space.

A brilliant book about modern physics, quantum mechanics, the fate of stars and the deep mysteries of black holes, Leonard Susskind's account of the Black Hole War is mind-bending and exhilarating reading.

Leonard Susskind takes the reader on a cosmic journey to places as large as the Universe, and as small as the tiniest particles yet imagined. Along the way, the author describes the three decades long battle to save the most fundamental laws of physics. Stephen Hawking's assertion that information is destroyed, when a black hole disappears, violated the fundamental law of conservation of information that states that no information can be lost. It only changes its form. This seeming contradiction of the very foundation of physics started the author, and other superstars of physics, on a quest to save the laws of physics. The Black Hole War had begun, and in the end, it ignited a new scientific revolution.

Leonard Susskind

Leonard Susskind makes clear that the Black Hole War was unlike the pseudo-scientific polemics, found in political debates over hot button issues, including Intelligent Design and Global Warming. Instead, the Black Hole War was a victory for the Scientific Method, open and honest peer review of ideas and discoveries, and added to the sum total of human knowledge. When Stephen Hawking presented his black hole paradox, that seemed to overturn all mathematical and empirical science, his purpose was not to win or lose. Instead, he inspired natural scientific curiosity in the theoretical physics community, to follow the evidence and mathematics wherever they might lead. The resulting in depth study of black holes, quantum mechanics, string theory, and the holographic universe, was pure science discovery in action.

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